USPS with Tracking has Been Removed as an Option

C. B. shared this idea 13 months ago

I still need USPS with tracking even though it is more expensive than Fedex Express. I have a secure, locked mailbox but the area where Fedex/UPS would deliver is not secure.

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If it is a lockbox or PO Box, the Add tracking option will be available. If it is a physical street address, having it delivered via FedEx or USPS should make no difference.


It is not a lockbox but a lockable mailbox at a street address. Fedex or UPS can't put something in there, and there is no other secure place.


Please kindly consider bringing back USPS with Tracking. There are a number of legitimate use cases where people prefer USPS (e.g. Saturday delivery, lockable mailboxes as mentioned above). I know that TravelingMailbox used to provide Priority Mail. Another electronic mailbox/mail forwarding company I use also provides the USPS 1st Class package which allows for small mail packages below 1lb. This option is fantastic for those forwarding a couple of pieces of mail economically (about 50% cheaper than Priority Mail) and efficiently (with tracking and usually only slower than Priority Mail by 1 day)


There are very few cases where USPS Tracking would be preferred.

Traveling Mailbox is committed to providing quality services and we are making adjustments on this end based on experience and feedback from our customers regarding shipments. We made another significant change today with regards to international shipments and we will continue to implement approaches that are the most cost effective for our customers and the most reliable.

For more specifics, please email us at

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