USPS does not recognize the address entered on your website

Aimee Wessel shared this problem 13 months ago

700 Lavaca #1400-91754
Austin, TX 78701
This is the address listed on your website. 
USPS does not recognize this address, and will not change the address in this format. 

Brittany, your employee, informed me that this address format should work:
700 Lavaca STE 1400 PMB 91754
Austin, TX 78701
In order to change this properly, I had to call USPS directly. Their call center wait times are 30-45 min long. (!)

I suggest that you change the address on your website to this format,  or at least specific that members should use this address format when working with USPS. I mentioned this to one of your employees previously - but did not see the "idea" function until today.

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Hi Aimee,

If you put PMB in front of your mailbox number, it will certainly take it on the USPS Site. Sometimes you have to click Next/Submit more than once to override the system. The odd thing is, we seen it working both ways. This seems to be a fluid situation.

Furthermore, it can be address directly to senders of your mail which is what we recommend.

Please email us at if you have any questions!