URGENT: Incorrect handling of the OTP (One-Time-Password) from the IOS app

Gianmauro Calafiore shared this problem 6 months ago

I have the two-step authentication active.

When I access the mailbox from the web app, after authenticating with the username and password, there is another page requesting the OTP-Passcode. Below the passcode input box, there is a checkbox "Remember this computer for 30 days". In this way, while keeping the account secure, the passcode is requested only if the account is accessed from another browser or after 30 days of the OTP request.

Unfortunately, this is not possible from the mobile IOS app. At every login the app requires to fill the OTP-passcode.

In this way is difficult to use the app in mobility, especially when you receive the push notification of a new mail.

The OTP-passcode management on the IOS app should be like the one of the web app or any other mobile app.

Is it possible to solve the problem?

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Hi Gianmauro,

I will investigate this with the Developer and get back to you.


We believe this is a current issue with the iOS App. We will be working to release a fix as soon as possible.



The latest iOS App has been released. This issue should now be resolved.