The expiration date on mail is WRONG.

Jason Lagan shared this problem 11 months ago

If mail expires on a date, then it must be available THROUGH the end of business on that date. Mail expiring on the 9th means it is available still because it has not expired, because it *IS* the 9th.. Expired on the 9th, when it is STILL the 9th is not possible since it is STILL the 9th. Please fix the expiration date, or fix the expired date.

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Hello Jason,

Currently we do not see an issue with the way the system handles this. Customers have 60 days to decide what to do with their mail and notices are sent out prior to mail expiring on the particular date.

We are working with our IT Team on potentially expanding the time to 11;59pm on the particular date just to provide a little more wiggle room.

Thank You


Hi Jason,

The Expiration Time will now be at 11:59pm on the day that it is expires.

Please let us know if you have any questions.