Shred & Delete Junk

Travis P. shared this idea 13 months ago

The Traveling Mailbox Team is looking at implementing an option for customers to "Shred and Delete" Junk mail that may enter in your account that we were unable to filter. If this option is used, the envelope scan will not count towards your limit. Thoughts?

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I have been reading over the different ideas presented on some of the other posts. That is really cool that you are open to new ideas to make the service even better. Your post here is specifically looking feedback on a possible new feature, but I am not sure if I understand this concept. In my own mailbox I do not get that much junk mail, if any.

Are you currently deleting mail from accounts that you perceive as junk?

Is the feature you are proposing related to maybe setting keywords for a certain junk mail or sender?

This sounds like it might be similar to setting up message rules to be deleted in many e-mail accounts. Regarding my own account and junk mail, I was getting a lot of letters from a certain non-profit that I had given to. I continued to get envelopes scanned alerting me of a new mail piece. I eventually just reached out to their support department to remove me from their mailing list.

Again, other people might get a lot of junk mail, but I have worked to stay off many lists in the first place which usually involves reaching out to the sender. The feature you are proposing sounds like it could very beneficial to many, but maybe provide a little more detail on the overall idea and maybe a little more detail on how you currently delete or classify junk mail.

Thanks again for a great service and being open to many new ideas!


Hi Adam!

Thanks for the post. Yes we do filter junk mail as much as possible already ... However, we are looking at providing an option for you if you do get a piece of junk mail where you can mark it junk, the item is shredded and the image deleted, and the envelope count won't count towards your limits as well. Currently, any junk mail that gets through would count towards your limit.

Let me know what you think!


Yes, that makes more sense. That is a good idea. Not having it count towards the monthly limit might help. I do not get a lot of mail, but I could see this as being as valuable as it wouldn't count towards your pages limit.


There is now a Junk Mail option in your drop down menu that will allow you to mark items that we miss, as junk. These items will be deleted and shredded for free and won't count towards your monthly scan allotments.