Scanning Time and the human process.

Bradley Hamilton shared this problem 3 months ago

As a 6 year customer of TM I have seen the website received much attention but the people part of the equation (the process of humans receiving mail, scanning it in a timely conscientious manner, and treating customers with respect in busy, or any, times) has steadily declined.

As a software developer I understand that the process of automating processes can be of benefit to companies but what good is it if the human processes are not brought up to speed or in line with it?

When an item is received it is scanned, has a bar code attached and then.....what? Set into a holding process to see if the opportunity arises for a customer to request an expedited scan at an extra cost? There is no value add for the customer there. An opportunity to streamline your process and ensure customer satisfaction is the missed opportunity that takes place, amongst other things. (see: lazy scanners post).

Why not open and scan, if selected by the client, at the same time the outer envelope is scanned. You must enter an account number when assigning a bar code. The open and scan automatically can flag the person scanning right? Or something? I don't pretend to know your process and don't need to.

I am writing this as a stare a screen I have been checking for the last 23 hours waiting to see what I need to know from the SSA.

Tax time, Christmas time, "some" time, this is what I have been hearing, more often than not, for the last couple of years as service seems to steadily decline with TM. I hope you are reading this as constructive criticism and not a rant. I appreciate your time.

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Hi Bradley,

Traveling Mailbox is one of the only companies that provides free scans. Many companies are charging the same amount as our quick scan per envelope scanned! Tax season has always kicked our butt due to the enormous work load we come under. We have also just recently spent tens of thousands of dollars on system upgrades the last two months and we aren't done yet.

We are very confident that after the next week or two, scan times are going to drop considerably. We have always advertised from Day one, that all tasks are done within 24 hours. That is what our standard is and what we try to hold ourselves to and most of the time, we are far exceed that.

Please let me know if you have any questions or comments.