PDF2Email Unique Subjects for Threaded Mail Clients

Nomad Johnsons shared this idea 12 months ago

Currently, when using PDF2Email, I can customize the subject to my liking, but this is identical for all emails sent to my inbox. When using a threaded email application, this causes all messages to string together as a single (very) long thread.

Can we opt to use some variables in our subjects like {barcode} or something that, when sent, will automatically insert the barcode of the related mail item in to the subject? Or, to avoid having to parse the custom subject line and insert the variable at a specified location, simply check a box that says "include barcode in subject line" that appends/prepends the barcode to the subject?

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Is there more documentation on PDF2email? What is its intended purpose? (apologies for the novice question)


Hi Brian,

I apologize for the delayed response. PDF2Email is the area where you configure your scanned PDF's and what email addresses you would like for them to be sent to. I will post some more information on the FAQ Section today.