Overseas access requires a VPN

robin strickland shared this problem 6 months ago

I am in China. I can visually see my mail items but I am unable to do any actions like "Request" or "View". Once I started my VPN this problem went away. The VPN connection works maybe 50% of the time here and is not always available.

For days or weeks at a time the VPN service may not work, so this is preventing the usage of the mailbox site. Please correct the problem.



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Hi Robin,

I am not sure there is anything we can do about that. I will consult with Development and see what they have to say but in some Countries, a VPN may be necessary.


Hi Robin,

I apologize for the delay. When this happens, can you please use "F12 Tools" to let us know what requests are being blocked? This will help us discover which scripts we need to host locally.