Indicate if there was a bound document in the envelpe

Dan D. shared this idea 9 months ago

If you receive a (large) envelope with a bound document, TM won't scan it, by default. If there are individual papers inside, those will be scanned.

I was in a situation where those cover pages didn't make it clear whether there was anything else in the envelope. I expected something like 20 pages, but only saw 4. Turns out TM had silently not-scanned a bound document.

The suggestion is to clearly indicate in the item details if there are unscanned materials in the piece of mail.

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Hi Dan,

Sounds like we need a way to pass on particular messages about particular items. I think this is a good idea and I can see how we could implement this.


Actually, the extra item was a CD. The cover pages didn't clearly indicate there was anything extra, so I almost shredded the mail item. I had a hunch though so I requested a re-scan, which showed a message that there was a CD and CDs can't be read. In ended up paying to forward the item.

Indicating there's something else that can't be scanned, generated revenue for TM.


Got it. Thanks Dan! I think it would be good to add a message feature where we can add Notes about a particular scan such as in this case.