Important Document Secure Storage (Safety Deposit Box) Service

Jeffrey Ballard shared this idea 3 months ago

It would be great to have a service where we could have you manage a secure document storage service like safety deposit box for us.

For example:

  1. we mail in an important document, like a birth certificate.
  2. You put it in a secure storage facility (like a bank safety deposit box)
  3. Then if we need it back you mail it to us

Other features:

  • When we get a mail item, we can choose to put it in secure storage
  • Option to have you mail us a tamper proof, waterproof, envelope so we can ensure privacy/security end-to-end
  • Options for levels of security (your normal storage, an onsite fire/flood proof storage option and a 3rd party facility) Hopefully the onsite fire/waterproof option will be priced competitively!
  • A way to allow others to get access in the event you're incapacitated (or pass away).

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Hi Jeffrey!

I really like these ideas! For your first example, you can mail an item to yourself, then put it on hold, we will put it in our secure facility.