How about adding an address in JERSEY CITY, NEW JERSEY?

fs201905070 shared this idea 13 months ago

How about adding an address in JERSEY CITY, NEW JERSEY?

I'm a current customer and very pleased with the service. I live in NEW JERSEY, and currently use the New York NY 10128 Premium address. I know there is also Brooklyn, along with Philadelphia, other locations geographically nearby - but still out-of-state.

Having had TravelingMailbox for a few years now, the only challenge I've had are some issues with *not* having an in-state address.

Certain financial entities (annuities, insurers, etc.) really dislike the out-of-state address, particularly when they write policies that are state-specific. They have come back to both me and my financial advisor with all sorts of pronouncements about needing documentation from me to satisfy New York's requirements - even though I don't live (or pay taxes) there, and certainly don't have any documentation to prove NY presence.

Even more bizarrely, unlike most other financial and other institutions, one entity I have dealt with will only list one address, without the option of having a mailing address. Since I have had identity theft, my permanent physical address cannot be assumed to be secure for mail, besides the fact that I travel, the reason I don't use my permanent address for mailing. This, of course, has made TravelingMailbox a perfect fit for my needs.

One other note. The out-of-state address also affects things like cell phone taxes when the billing address, particularly New York City, has city taxes, besides the State and Federal taxes.

Since Jersey City is so close to New York, (like Brooklyn is to Manhattan, where there is a TravelingMailbox premium address in each) and it's an up-and-coming area where many Millennials who work in the city have located, similar to Hoboken and Brooklyn, and has five UPS locations ( that perhaps could serve as hubs, it would be great to have an address in my state, to sidestep some of the issues I mention above. And, it should be a whole new untapped market for TravelingMailbox.

Thank you for your consideration.

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Hi. Postscript to my message above...thanks SO MUCH for adding a NEW JERSEY address - Newark NJ. This solves the issues I cited above. Thanks again!


Hey everyone! We have finally got our hands on a Jersey City address. We will be adding it very soon!



Great news, Travis, thanks!