Enable Web API, e.g. REST API, to be used for your account

Gregg shared this idea 19 months ago

This would be especially helpful to integrating and scripting your own tasks should TravelingMailbox.com not support what you're trying to do.

For example, I'd like to create a workflow for my mail that would download (via integration) to my Google Drive, then Hazel (on my Mac) would move the downloaded file elsewhere, and then set a label/tag on the file (on TravelingMailbox.com) (e.g. tag "downloaded").

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Ideally there could be a webhook when mail is received, scanned, pages scanned, checks deposited, and mail sent. Then a REST API to query the details of any these or get the images and to list mail.


Can we get some more input on what everyone would like to do with this?


Not sure what everyone wants but I would think most users would benefit REST API to query the last N events and then advanced users might prefer a Webhook API to notify them without polling the REST API. Stripe does an awesome job documenting how their Webhooks work.


Zulip’s API is a good example of getting the last N events:



I'd use Google Apps Script to run a job every Friday to get all my outstanding mail and forward it to my current address. I do this now manually and it's very annoying...


This would fall under our Auto Forwarding request which we plan to build anyway. I will see if I can get it added in soon.


True, but in the future there might be more advanced logic I'd like to implement that won't be available in the Auto Forwarding request. For example I might want it to save a copy of all the forwarded images into a Google Drive folder for easier processing on our end.


Hello everyone,

After discussing with our IT Team, the resources to maintain this type of request is just outside of what we would be able to do.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

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