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Samuel Kloeckl shared this idea 13 months ago

Currently the only way to deposit checks is to forward them to the bank. Unfortunately not all banks or credit unions will accept a check without a signature of all account holders. Would be great if there was some way to cash a check electronically or to a 3rd party payment service like paypal, Xoom, or something similar in addition to electronic deposit to a bank account.

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Hey Samuel!

We actually used to offer this for a short time but the vendor, in my opinion, was a bit odd. Fees would be taken out of the checks, they would require reservations on funds, and it really made for a very poor customer experience.

We have continued to search for something like this but we have not been able to find a vendor. However, I haven't looked in awhile so I will take some time to do more research on this.


Hi Samuel,

After further review, we have not been able to find a vendor that can satisfy this need.

I would recommend using the scans that we provide to deposit your check electronically through your bank app if that is available on your end.


Just a quick update .. We have updated all Check Deposit Shipments (that can go to a physical address) to be sent via FedEx Express. This should help with the speed of processing checks. If you can, we recommend shipping your checks to a physical street address versus a PO Box.


Thank you Travis,

I appreciate the additional work being done. It is a trick to get all of it done quickly and I appreciate the responsiveness of Traveling Mailbox to these ideas.

Thanks again!


Our Pleasure Samuel!


To continue this discussion...

I would like to suggest you offer check deposit by integrating with the forte API.

We use them for check deposit and are very pleased. Service works well pricing is transparent and reasonable.

See https://www.forte.net/ach-processing for details.

They do not require an image of the check. All you have to do is pass the numeric MICR code and the check will be deposited.

Disclaimer: Not all checks cannot be deposited electronically.


We contacted Forte and they do not support our model of depositing checks to bank accounts. Furthermore, they were not helpful at all at even attempting to find a solution for us.


Hi Travis,

Thanks for trying.

They do not support our model of depositing checks to bank accounts.

1) I'm not sure what this means. Many companies (including "PaySimple") use the Forte API to process payments on behalf of their customers. Maybe you just gotta call again and hopefully you'll get someone intelligent this time.

2) If for whatever reason they refuse to approve you, you could still offer the service to your customers as an "integration" without having to deal directly with Forte. Here's how it would work:

User goes to Forte and opens an ACH account. User clicks an "integrate with Forte" link on your "integrations" tab and enters his Forte credentials. User then clicks a "Deposit Check" button beside the check to be deposited. TravelingMailbox then scans the check and sends the check's MICR code to Forte, using the Forte API. In this way TravelingMailbox has not entered into an any agreement with forte.

If you need any help, let me know.

Good luck.


I have spoken with Forte again and they actually said that it would take 4 business days to get the funds to your bank. Our service has the checks delivered guaranteed to the bank within 2 business days so our mail in service is actually the better fit here. Furthermore, this was the case with our last electronic check deposit vendor. It took longer to get the funds to the bank electronically than if we would mail the checks directly to the bank.

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