DHL Shipping

John Giffen shared this idea 5 months ago

I note that you guys are working on FedEx Shipping.

I wonder if you might also consider adding shipping by DHL. The cost for DHL Worldwide seems to me to be generally cheaper. For example: US to Thailand, DHL costs about $40 for a document envelope. USPS costs about $65 - that's what I spent the other day.

I don't know about FedEx to Thailand, but I have not seen FedEx very well represented here, whereas DHL is seen everywhere.

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Hi John!

Our FedEx rates are pretty competitive and are cheaper than USPS. We are also going to be passing some discounts to the customers as we expand shipping with FedEx. DHL doesn't really fit into our model well because we don't do a lot of international shipping and because DHL doesn't ship domestically. With FedEx and UPS, we can leverage higher volumes because we can ship with them domestically thus passing on better rates to the customer.

Hope this helps!