Automatically open USPS Premium Forwarding Envelopes and Boxes

Ronald Novak shared this idea 3 months ago

USPS Premium Forwarding Service collects all my mail and forwards it weekly in a large envelope or box. The package is clearly labeled 'Premium Forwarding Service Residential'. Each week I lose 1 - 3 days because I must respond by requesting an open and scan and waiting another day. Sometimes I have to contact support because you want to charge me $5 to open a box when all it contains is more mail. I don't even mind being charged a scan just to open a package full of mail but I think it's ridiculous that packages labeled 'Premium Forwarding Service Residential' are not automatically opened.

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Hi Ron,

I believe the item is being uploaded as a package and I don't believe we have an Auto Open and Scan function for packages which I am assuming is what you are looking for? This is a rare item for us. Most people get their mail to us via a change of address or mail is addressed directly to us.

I will analyze this situation a bit more to see if there is anything we can do.