Auto-open/scan all mail BUT give warning for huge documents (so I don't WASTE all monthly scans.)

Shane Dowd shared this problem 4 months ago

1.) Having to approve every scan wastes time

2.) If I select "auto-open and scan" then the "notify me before large documents are scanned" doesn't work

Therefore, I'm left with choosing and inefficient/time wasting option OR periodically wasting ALL my monthly scans on 1 document that DIDN't need to be scanned. :-)

Thanks! Hope you can integrate this soon.

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Hi Shane,

I recommend upgrading to the Extended Plan. You will get rollover scans and your plan will become more flexible. The basic plan is designed to be just that. Each customer who activates Auto Open and Scan raises the work load on this end as we always end up scanning more mail that is probably necessary. So we really prefer customers to pick and choose what they want opened and scanned.

Thank You