Add the option to suspend the account for recurring travel

Todd Williamson shared this idea 8 months ago

I travel out of the country every summer, and I have used your service for the last three summers. During 9 months of the year I am at home in the US and don't need your service.

It would be nice to be able to suspend the account (and stop paying, or perhaps pay a nominal fee) and then reactivate it each year, rather than having to cancel the account and recreate it each year.

I would be willing to pay a fee if the address is kept, but that's not necessary for my use case (I would be happy to get a different address when I reactivate the account)

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Disregard that Todd. I see you are only traveling a few months out of the year. Per USPS Regulations, we have to establish new information each time an account is closed or reopened. We did offer a reduced fee for awhile but unfortunately, not enough customers were willing to take advantage for us to put it in place permanently.


I'm happy to do the forms over again, just want to avoid having to enter all of the information again. This year it even made me create a new userid for some reason (didn't have that problem the previous year).

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