Add lower cost shipping option for check deposits

Greta Polak shared this idea 2 months ago

There are instances where very small amount checks are received. The processing fee + FedEx or Priority Overnight fee would make it rather pointless to send them for deposit. Since one of the whole reasons of using your service is to make it so we can travel and still manage our mail, I am trying to avoid the workaround of forwarding checks to myself only to then need to send them into the bank. Please add an option to send a check deposit via regular USPS first class mail as a lower cost alternative to FedEx or Priority Overnight. Thanks.

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Hello Greta,

The difference here would be 5-7 dollars. I can't imagine how it would be worth it either way. Furthermore, there is no way we are sending checks anywhere without a tracking number. My recommendation would be to try and use your bank app that has a way to deposit your checks via the scans that we provide. I do know customers have been able to do that in the past.



Even though it's not all the time, when the check amounts that we're dealing with are small, $5-7 really would make a difference in whether or not it's worth it to deposit the checks via your service. Also, not everyone uses a bank app to do remote deposit. Our bank charges extra for that service, and it's not something we would use often enough to warrant that extra cost.


Hi Greta,

Thanks for your feedback. Unfortunately we just cannot provide services for any less than it is. By the time we charge the card out and fees are taken out, we would virtually make nothing off of the work.