Add from & to addresses / names to tagged, mailed info; allow auto-tagging

Sai shared this idea 7 months ago

I get mail mostly from the same set of people, to the same set of addressees. Currently, though, it's hard to search for that.

Also, the item's barcode number is required to reference, but not available in text, just in the image.


  1. Extract the from name, from address and to name to metadata about the package
  2. Make those into automatic tags, with a prefix to indicate it was automatic, e.g. "FROM: " and "TO: "
  3. Add the item barcode # to the shown info, next to date
  4. Have emails about packages include all of the above
  5. Allow users to create auto-tags based on the from & to data, e.g. to mark everything FROM: IRS or FROM: [state tax board] as "taxes", etc.
  6. Allow users to create automatic rules based on those also, e.g. to forward important things or shred known spammers, after a delay for cancellation in case it's incorrect

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+1 for auto-tagging options of recipient names and sender name.