Add free 'account transfer' method for forwarding to another TM address

Sai shared this idea 13 months ago

I have multiple TM accounts (for different companies).

Sometimes mail gets sent to the wrong account, or I want to consolidate multiple pieces for forwarding.

Currently, there's no way for me to redesignate these other than "mailing" it to literally the same building it's already in. That's just silly; all they need is re-labeling, not actual shipping.

So, if the forwarding recipient is also a TM address, please automatically set the "shipping" method to be a special, free "account transfer" method to indicate that it's not actually going out the door.

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Definitely. This is a great idea. In my case, TM provisioned an address in my state, where before, I had to use an address in a nearby state. I've set up the new account in my home state, but, during the 6 months following, it would make more sense to be able to do an "account transfer" of mail that is never leaving TM's center in Sanford.