Ability to perform operations on mail items in bulk (tagged items)

Gregg shared this idea 11 months ago

Currently, you can only perform one operation per mail item. It would be great if you could have a checkbox next to each mail item and then be able to perform a selected operation on those checked mail item(s).

For example,

Mail #1 - Checked

Mail #2 - Not Checked

Mail #3 - Checked

Mail #4 - Not Checked

You can then perform whatever operation on Mail #1 and Mail #3, e.g. assign a tag to it ("junk-mail","important", etc.), "Share" that will send to the Integration folder (Google Mail), shred, etc.

This would need somewhat a UI change and coding changes.

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This is a very important idea. I logged in just to ask for this. I need to move large numbers of mail items to folders and dragging hundreds or thousands of mails, one by one, is just not a reasonable thing to do. That should take literally seconds looks like it will take me many hours.


If I am to be a customer of TM in the long term I need a more convenient way of moving or deleting mail in bulk, either by opening a folder and checking desired items, or by performing a search and checking desired items. Then choose "delete checked items" or "move checked items to..." and then choose a folder.

Otherwise it means moving or deleting one item at a time. This is too time consuming and not practical when you have 50-100 or more items to deal with. Please implement the feature.


Why isn't there a function for a bulk update?

This is an easy thing to program. I really hate to delete one item at a time.

I hope this request will read someone here at TM, I really don't want to change this service to a competitor.

Please implement the feature asap.


Hello everyone,

This is something that has occasionally been requested over the years. I have moved it over to the Planned stage. Over the next weeks as the Coronavirus situation changes and we can develop better plans, I will have more information.

Thank You